House Strychy


Strychy (Pronounced 'St-Rye-Chee')


Northern Lyrzeria.


The fourth settlement of Dracosylph had it's roots made up of those who dedicated themselves to the strengthening of their physical being, in order to survive in this most Northern point of Lyrzeria. Strength of spirit and body was of the utmost importance to surviving the harshest of climates, and out of this the skill of the Winter Warrior was born. Their strength in combat made them amongst the strongest warriors amongst the Dracosylph, although those who had developed this skill remained amongst some of the most compassionate and loyal Dracosylph, remembering that having also strength of heart was also important. 


Earl Lyrstryl Strychy

House Colours:

Purple, Dark Blue, White

House Benefit:

Adult Members of this house gain +1 hit per location and a +1 to their physical attack damage call (to a maximum of 'Quad') when in harsh winter environments.

House Disadvantage:

Adult members of this house temporarily lose a level of The Winter Warrior Skill List (as found in the ELEMENT Skills Comapnion) when in the Fire Nations.


Many of the Dracosylph Winter Warriors will have descended from member of House Strychy, although this is not a hard ruling.

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