House Yssyyl


Yssyyl(Pronounced 'Yiss-Eel')


Western Lyrzeria


Settling in Western Lyrzeria, to the North West of House Dyrycnyzyr, the members of this Dracosylph House also adopted the ways of the hunter, Whilst developing their skills of stealth and tracking, they found themselves working closely with those who had founded House Dyrycnyzyr, sharing in their passion for hunting. Within the House, they perform a "Hunting Prayer" each time they go on a hunt, which some say grants them the gift of stealth. 


Earl Strygyl Yssyyl

House Colours:

Grey, Black, Pale Blue

House Benefit:

Adult Members of this house gain +1 to stealth after spending 5 minutes saying the "Hunting Prayer", although they must also have a Tracking skill of at least Level 3 to have learnt it. If this takes them to or above Stealth Level 5, they can also not be detected by thermal vision or any any other non magical means of detection.

House Disadvantage:

Adult members of this House may not make use of dodges, mundane or enchanted, and they may not use two handed weapons.


These Dracosylph are known to be cunning, some may even say sly…

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