House Ytvyr


Ytvyr (Pronounced 'It-Veer')


Central Lyrzeria


Closely linked to House Dyrycnyzyr, this was the location for the second settlement of Dracosylph. Whilst those of House Dyrycnyzyr busied themselves with hunting, those of House Ytvyr honed their skills of meditation and insight, becoming the first amongst the Dracosylph Seers, settling in Central Lyrzeria, just South East of Great White's Eyrie. It is due to them that the Spire of the Seers exists, providing guidance and advice to those who seek it. The members of House Ytvyr are amongst the most  intelligent of their people, adept in scholarly matters and magics. 


Earl Dyrkyn Ytvyr, mated with Syry, the sister of King Vyrsytyr Dyrycnyzyr.

House Colours:

White, Pale Blue, Grey

House Benefit:

Adult Members of this house gain a +1 to the skill of The Seer (as found in the ELEMENT Skills Companion) whilst in cold climates.

House Disadvantage:

Adult members of this house will have to spend an additional 2 points of mana per spell when faced with hot climates.


Many of the Dracosylph Seers will have descended from members of House Ytvyr, although this is not a hard ruling.

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