Hrolgard is a manor in the county of Souwei-Lorsan in Hrivemir, formerly managed by the Knight, Sir Valorstanus, in Year Two of the Age of Dragons it was gifted to Lady Irah upon her ennoblement. The manor uses the Knight Game Play mechanics:

Economy: Average.
Military: Low.
Technology: Average.
Magic: Average.
Population: Average.

Hex Map Locations:

1: The Forest of Ice Waves.
2: The Village of Weslan.
3: The Village of Eslan.
4: The Manor Hall of Hrolgard.
5: The Village of Sorlan.
6: Eslan Mine.
7: Sorlan Quarry.
8: Weslan Mine.

Notes: The low military resources are due to those forces being put to use elsewhere along the defensive wall of the kingdom, what marks this manor as different to many others is that its knight is from the Men of the Mountains, and as such, with their current exodus from the Savage Mountains, it is here that they are being placed to find a new life for themselves..

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