Inishi Quorill


Daimyo Inishi Quorill of the Fey-Sirona is famous for being one of the three heroes who ventured into, and stopped the manifestation of Lord Math that resulted in the end of the Age of the Void. During that final battle, Inishi was believed killed as no body was found and her fate unknown.

In the the Age of Fire year 914, it came to light that she was in fact turned into the first Fey-Sirona Vampire, and rescued from a state of torpor in the Dark Mountains by adventurers seeking a mystical item required to bring about the defeat and death of Tiamey.

Inishi then returned to Menyel-Tiriona to catch up on events. During the Sum of All Things, the Fey-Sirona vampire was slain by Great Black, the avatar of Lord Math and it was believed her story had come to an end.

However In the year 1 of the Age of Dragons Inishi was brought back to life upon the release of the samurai souls held in the Legacy of Echoes upon Menyel Tiriona, into the empty Fey-Sirona bodies found upon a vault in Menyel Arcanes, finding herself once again a pure Fey-Sirona the hero is learning to live once more without her vampiric powers.

Life as a Fey-Sirona:

Inishi was chosen from amongst the many Fey-Sirona Samurai and Daimyo to undertake the quest on which she died by the Fey-Sirona King for a reason, clearly trusted beyond all others to be the one to see the task through while the rest of the Fey-Sirona sacrificed their lives to halt the spread of the Void.

Life as a Vampire:

It is unknown what possessed a Vampire to turn Inishi into the first Fey-Sirona Vampire. That she ended up staked with one of the weapons required to bring about the downfall of Tiamey is unknown. A strange twist of fate to see her returned into the world, a hero out of time, out of place, who has seen dark days that very few can recall…


Inishi is known to possess Heroic Status to its full potential, a fact reinforced by the attraction of foes to her location once she was awoken in both the Dark Mountains and the camp of the Morigena Light Company on the Coral in the Nimorian Kingdom, before she left there to return to Menyel-Tiriona.

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