Karazon is an individual who somehow managed to leave the Elemental Plane of Fate and made his way into Urutau, where at first he caused much problem for the Dracosylph. After events came to a decisive head, Great White took Karazon under her protection and helped him to become a reformed character - he now acts as a messenger for the dragon and is a noted general of the Dracosylph people.

He is also a Magic User and master of the Order of the Broken Spiral.

During the recent time of dragon magic, Karazon was able to recover his full memories, and in the process of realising his true self, killed the Were-Avari Seer and travelled to the Zarian Wastes to aid Fey-Sidious Warlocks in their ritual magic in bringing about the creation of Great Black.

After opening a permanent portal on the island of Golgotha, as the Elemental Union responded, Karazon was killed by Rana Dae, who stabbed the Dracosylph in the back while he fought a magical duel with Hafu, and then as he fell to his knees was decapitated by the Morigena warrior.

Towards the end of the First Year of the Age of Dragons, Karazon was raised from the Endless Sea, and cleansed by Purple Rain orchestrated by Shykyrry, and returned to Urutau a Purple Dracosylph.

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