Khagan Ack Crelar

Khagan Ack-Crelar is an elderly Fykari Mystic and the mentor of Amil-ack-Belar, in recent years he has been living on the Elemental Plane of Fire among the Shanduin tribe there, studying the greater mysteries. He is known to be an Initiate of Lord Helios and a master of Lore concerning Orbs and Vampires, and was with his apprentice in the Dark Mountains when Lord Gorn brought his wrath down upon the Vampires.

In the year 913 of the Age of Fire, he joined the Crew of the Blackfyre to assist its Captain and to study the Orb of the Feygorn, which indeed granted him some insight into the mysteries of the Orbs.

In 914AoF he travelled to Vulgorn, and sought an audience with the Ashgrove Seer, in order to study the Orb of the Fykari - this study was a success and led him to completing his knowledge of Lore about the Orbs.

This NPC is played by Trevor Halliday.

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