Khayeim is the ancestral homeland of the Gornang who are the Champion Race of Fire. A mighty volcano stands in the heart of Khayeim and serves purposes both as a forge for the skilled Gornang, but also the gateway into the Elemental Plane of Fire.

In recent years, Khayeim has been overrun by the Ethereal Lords and the Vampires and the Gornang forced to flee their homeland. Support efforts were made by the Fey-Sirona and the Morigena but to no avail. In the final days of the conflict, the Fey-Sidous released their Dragon Riders and brought down the floating city of Menyel-Tiriona, ending any chance of success at this time. Wrotan Republicans, loyal to the Gornang also assisted attempts to lead refugees away from Khayeim, into the Burning Sands.

The Gornang plot now to reclaim their lost home, from the sanctuary afforded to them by the Ulcas in the lands of Grun.


The Seventeen Gornang Clans: True-Axe (7)*, Warm-Forge (2), Wise-Flame (17), Burnt-Oath (3), Faith-Guard (1, 12), Vigil-Ward (5), Notched-Helm (6), Jagged-Knife (11, 12), Tempered-Mail (16), Weathered-Plate (15), Ragged-Chain (10), Sunder-Sword (9), Shatter-Shield (13, 12), Rizzen-Pike (14), Broken-Anvil (18), Splinter-Spear (4) and Hammer-Song (8).

  • This represents the location of their holding on the Khayeim Map.
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