King Everyl Telluwyn


King Everyl Telluwyn was known for many years as the Boy King, King of the Morigena people, and resided in Nor-Dalgontor of the Morigena Kingdom before relocating first to Wroth Cayeno, and then to the reclaimed island of Golgotha, where he ruled briefly alongside his wife, Lady Alyra Tremaine.

The Age of Fire:

The King took part in the Battle of Wroth Cayeno, bringing the entirety of the Morigena Navy through a portal held open by Great White to trap the Demon Fleet of Lord Findias Tremaine. In the aftermath of the battle, Everyl was presented with the Sword of the High King by Sir Pyrrhus Damenyon who had slain Findias in the final battle when Lady Yaleena's life was in peril.

Following that battle, political moves saw Wroth Cayeno gifted back to the Morigena King by the Wrotan Republic, from which he would temporarily rule the newly formed Kingdom of Water alongside his bride after also inheriting the Nimorian Kingdom from his mother. The Royal Court would move to reclaimed Golgotha in 916AoF, a short time before that age of the world came to an end.

The King fought alongside the gathered allies against Lord Math, also becoming Dragon-Bound to the Blue Dragon during the time nown as 'The Sum of All Things'.

The Age of Dragons:

As peace followed the ending of the Age of Fire, Everyl and his Queen looked to rebuild Golgotha, and to found a new dynasty in service to the Kingdom of Water. But it was not to be. At the start of the Second Year of the Age of Dragons, following the death of Etar Tol'Solie, Queen Alyra made to steal the Sceptre of the Phoenix behind her husbands back to resurrect her old friend. Before she could do this, Onega intervened and kidnapped her and the Sceptre. Onega then returned to confront Everyl with the truth, and defending his Queen, Everyl was killed in an honour duel with the Fey-Vicis.


Always keen to prove his worth beyond his years, the King struggled against his advisors to be as good a King as can be, urgent to prove his worth in battle and deeds, despairing of the politics his court must follow. In recent times he has stayed in the Fomori Islands making contact with the White Shields, and also journeyed to the Elemental Plane of Water where he sought an audience with Lord Morian. Following instruction from the Lord of Water, Everyl has sought to achieve the reunification of the Morigena with the Fomori, and become engaged to Lady Alyra Tremaine. He has succeeded in all the tasks laid before him, and managed to rule with credibility even up to his death.


His father was the late Harwyn Telluwyn who died in 909AoF, and his mother is Duchess Lausanne Dae, former Queen of the Nimorian Kingdom.

In late 914AoF his mother married Duke Rana Dae.

In 915AoF, Everyl became betrothed to Lady Alyra Tremaine after an initial meeting at Dragonsfall Mead Hall, they married in 916AoF on the island of Golgotha.

Following his death in the Second Year of the Age of Dragons, Rana Dae and his wife adopted Nienna, whose daughter was revealed to be the illegitimate, and only child of Everyl.


Alyra was revealed to be culpable for the King's death, and theft of the Sceptre. Both are currently missing, and Alyra has been overthrown in her absence, a matter that one day must be resolved…

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