King Ferdinand

King Ferdinand Lagonda is the Feymori King of Taris, which he has ruled for many centuries. He is never addressed as, or considered to be a High King, nor lets the subject be a matter for conversation within the Royal Court. Many consider it a matter of a sore point considering the notoriety possessed by the Pirate King and the existence of the Brethren Court.

King Ferdinand is married to a Nimorian Noble, Queen Dominique of House Thalassa, who is in fact the younger sister of Duchess Narlin Thalassa. In their legitimate marriage, they provide the three legitimate heirs to the Taris Crown, they are:

1: Prince Valt Lagonda.
2: Princess Kelbrook (a Nimorian).
3: Princess Taillour.

However, the King has sired many offspring, both before the marriage to Dominique, and since - these are all referred to among Taris Society as 'The Bastard Princes' though there are Feymori daughters as well as sons. With many of age making up elements of the Royal Court, with at least thirteen Princes and seven Princesses.

King Ferdinand is patron and a high ranking member of The Royal Guild of the Most Excellent Fellowship of Honourable Swashbucklers, second only in the guilds ranking system to its champion, Lord Trystain de Vier L'Honour, who is also the personal bodyguard to the King.

The King keeps many courtesans to satisfy his lust, which is done with the knowledge of, and approval of his Queen, those who provide the King with children, as noted above, enjoy a special elevated station within the Royal Court, though all are members of The Royal Academy of Fair Companions of the Most Prestigious Swans, Artisans of Emotion & Deception.

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