Korsten Dae

Baron Korsten Dae, (Born 711AoF; Died 912AoF) 2nd Son of Aneirin was an active patron of the Morigena Army as well as being a well respected member of House Dae; he managed one of the four baronies of Souwei-Lorsan before his death in battle in the Gap of Peril in AoF:912 in battle versus Werewolves..

His family:

1: Lord Korsten Dae, (Born 841AoF; Died 912AoF) 1st Son of Baron Korsten Dae (Deceased - killed fighting in the Gap of Peril versus Werewolves).
2: Duke Rana Dae, 1st Son of Lord Korsten Dae.
3: Lord Morden Dae, 2nd Son of Lord Korsten Dae.
4: Lady Ylliria, 1st Daughter of Lord Korsten Dae (Deceased - killed in the last days of the Age of Fire).
5: Baron Veren Dae, (Born 851AoF) 2nd Son of Baron Korsten Dae.

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