Lady Felisia Dae

Duchess Felisia Dae (formerly Lady Felisia Stayne of the House of Maryssa) is a Nimorian nobleborn who is married to Duke Rana Dae and resident of the Morigena Kingdom, where she oversees the stewardship of her husbands duties at Souwei-Lorsan and Nor-Dalgontor and raises their children, a young daughter and son. Felisia is trained in all the arts of being noble born and manages the county with grace and duty, but those who are within her inner circle know she mourns for the loss of her eldest daughter Dido Dae and the fact that through the weight of his duties as a member of the Champion Race of Water, her husband spends very little time at home though the new elevation in rank may change this.

She is able to take some comfort by the presence of her sister Lady Vyronessa Stayne, and her sister-in-law Lady Ylirria Dae, despite the Morigena Kingdom being a harsh land in which to live.

In the sixth month of the year 914AoF, she was struck down and killed by an assassin sent in the form of her husband, within the royal palace of Nor-Dolgontor.

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