Lady Gaia

Gaia is the first born of the Lords and Ladies of the Elemental Union and as such is accorded special elevation and status, to all she is the mother goddess, the giver of life and the nurturer of the land, in short all life is sustained through the care and gifts of Gaia.

In springtime Gaia appears if summoned as a small human female child, full of innocence and inquisitive, like spring she is full of hope and a bearer of new life, her touch is one of healing and nourishment and all are calmed by her appearance.

In summertime Gaia appears as a beautiful elven woman, magnificent to behold, her goal is to see all the hopes of her followers are achieved and that no-one is slacking from their duties; she is wise if asked questions of and will dispense knowledge if she is asked correctly.

In autumn time Gaia appears as an aging woman of beast man descent, Gaia normally favours an appearance akin to tiger folk; her temper may be short if those she has appeared among have strayed from their goals and aspirations for she knows winter will come shortly and she will slumber and her children be without her guidance for a time, her powers are now waning but she will still do all she can for her children.

In winter Gaia sleeps and does not answer summons.

The Chosen of Lady Gaia:

Initiates of this cult are mainly defined from a select number within the Queldi Druids, though the Fey-Tir and the Were-Urgo have members also within this cult too. Access to this list is normally gained by going before Lady Gaia after she has been summoned by Ritual of Invocation, and offering Lady Gaia twenty five experience points in initiation. If accepted, the player may then learn the list as per the standard cost for learning a new skill/spell list.

Level One: Sanctuary of Lady Gaia: This spell calls upon the power of Lady Gaia to rise forth and protect the caster from all attacks, mundane or enchanted. by encasing them in the protection of the Earth - until such time as it is safe for the caster to be released and the danger has passed. To extend this spell to additional targets, the caster must spend +1 Mana per extra one additional person to a maximum of five people including the caster.

If the danger has not passed by the time Lady Phoebe next rises in the sky, or if agents of the Void, by magical means may be threatening to break through the Sanctuary defences, Lady Gaia will then act by transporting anyone within the Sanctuary to the elemental plane of Earth where they will be safe.

Returning to the mortal plane is the responsibility of the players however, and not Lady Gaia.

Level Two: Commune with Life: When cast, this spell allows the caster to understand and communicate with all forms of life for the duration of the spell.

Level Three: Commune with Earth: When cast, this spell allows the caster to mystically speak with any object that is 'of the Element of earth', the target is able to communicate with the caster by speaking their language, even without the need of vocal parts.

Level Four: Elemental Healing: Casting this spell, the caster may heal one target by healing them by +4 Hits to all locations.

Level Five: Invoke Lady Gaia: This is not a spell, but instead it is a ritual. The ritual takes ten minutes to perform and is roleplay dependent. But once complete, at Referee discretion, the power of Lady Gaia will send assistance to the one invoking her.

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