Lady Phoebe

Lady Phoebe, or 'the Lady of secrets' is the mother of all creation in the gaming world of ELEMENT, known as Urutau as told in the Age of Creation.

Initiate of Lady Phoebe:

Some individuals in the ELEMENT world look beyond the obvious and aim their targets higher, dedicating themselves to the vision and appetite of Lady Phoebe herself.

Initiation requires that an existing member with access to this spell list invoke Lady Phoebe herself on behalf of the player wishing to become an Initiate. The player must then be prepared to sacrifice fifty experience points to Lady Phoebe before they may then begin to learn the spells from this list. Once the player is accepted by Lady Phoebe, the player may then learn the list as per the standard costs.

Level One: Create Shadow: The player may, with a simple incantation, create impenetrable Shadow, with the caster as the epicentre of the spell. The shadow covers a 10 meter radius.

Level Two: Blessed Defence of Lady Phoebe: An advanced version of the 'Aura of Lady Phobe'.

The Blessed Defence of Lady Phoebe temporarily grants the target +5 Levels to Stealth and for the duration of the spell, the target is immune to mundane 'Singles', 'Doubles' and 'Triples'. The spell ends the next time Lord Helios rises in the sky.

Additional levels of Stealth gained through this spell above level five provide the target of this spell with one additional attack per one additional level above five. For example, the bonus, if it takes a player to level seven Stealth, would get three free attacks against one target instead of the standard one as listed with the level five 'Stealth' skill.

Level Three: Lunacy of Phoebe: The caster may turn one target completely insane until Lord Helios next rises in the sky.

Level Four: Summon Lady Phoebe: This is a Ritual and not a spell. The ritual requires twenty minutes of roleplay and the player must spend either a Fate Point or Ten experience points during the course of the ritual for it to have a chance working. If succesful, the player summons the consciousness of Lady Phoebe with which they may communicate with for a brief period of time (Referee discretion). Lady Phoebe answers questions directly and is often enigmatic, unless she may cause mischief by the answers she provides. If Lady Phoebe does not answer, which may well happen, the Fate Point or Experience points are returned to the player.

Level Five: Attack of Lady Phoebe: The caster may make a magical strike invoking the direct power of Lady Phoebe. The spell goes 'Through' all mundane and enchanted armour to do a 'Fatal' strike to the target, killing the target immediately.

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