Larrasu is an isolated woodland realm occupied exclusively by the Fey-Tir who very rarely open their borders to visitors. At best their one effort towards socialisation on the political landscape is by representatives who operate out of Aung-Styr, the city on the borders of their land and maintained through allegiances to the Korrigan.

In recent times, Wrotan Imperial respresentatives have moved in to the city of Aung-Styr as Korrigania has fallen under Empire jurisdiction, leading to nearly all of the Fey-Tir who had been there to retreat back into Larrasu. Any attempts by the Empire to violate Larrasu borders is met with hostile intervention. It is believed that once the Wild Kingdom has fallen to the Empire, the armies will turn their attention on to Larrasu, though wiser tacticians might observe that the occupation of Aung-Styr is enough to keep the Fey-Tir restricted in Larrasu.

Since the fall of the Wrotan Empire and the reformation of the Wrotan Republic, the Fey-Tir have preoccupied the City. Any visiting diplomats tend to be placed under the highest guard and treated with suspicion, but the Fey-Tir do seem to be once again open to the political landscape, even if it is only through the representatives of Aung-Styr.

The Regions of Larrasu:

1: Aung-Styr The Official Embassy of the Fey-Tir.
2: Min-Hiriath The Region of the Streams, where the more xenophobic Fey-Tir live.
3: Dru-Taure The Wild Country.
4: Hithdor The Royal Region of Larrasu.
5: Dor-Vallasse The Heartland of Fey-Tir civilisation.
6: Dor-Lingwae The more amiable Fey-Tir live here in the north of Larrasu.

Note: The Fey-Tir place a lot of worship and trust in the power of trees, many examples of Celtic Sacred Trees may be found at the following link.

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