Light Company Soldier

The Light Company Soldier is a skill list open to any member of the infamous 'Light Company'.


Must be an Active Member of the Light Company to learn or advance in the skill list.

Note: If you leave the Light Company you lose access to 'Light on your Feet', 'Pooled Resources' and 'Defiant'.

Level One: Chosen Man: Gain +1 Hits to All Locations.

Level Two: Light on your Feet: Gain +2 Mundane Dodges per Day.

Level Three: Pooled Resources: Gain a -3 XP* break from learning skills according to the soldiers designation within the Light Company:

- Fighters & Archers: XP Break from the Fields of Battle.
- Rangers & Logistics: XP Break from the Streets of Life.
- Mages: XP Break from increasing Mana.
- Healers: XP Break from the Houses of Healing.
- Crusaders & Alchemists: XP Break from the Halls of Knowledge.
- Senior Officers (Captain, Senior Lt. and Sergeant): XP Break from the Halls of Knowledge.

*Supercedes any other XP breaks, does not stack with an XP break from another skill list perk.

Level Four: Well-Travelled: Gain +1 in four Lore Skills according to experiences in the Light Company.

Level Five: Defiant: Gain a +5 increase to the Damage Overflow Limit (the standard is +10).

Note: An Excessive fall into enlarged Damage Overflow may incur permanent penalties.

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