Liliania 'Sin' Dranal-Morgenthau-Dae


A Half demon from the house of Sin, born of two Nimorians.

Family and Childhood

Liliania lived her life in the slums with her two parents, she spent most her life hidden from the world. Liliania was raised speaking not much other than Nimorian Body Language but was taught common.

She went out to explore the world after both her parents died in some sort of accident, she doesn't know what or why, though has her suspicions.

Sentimental Weaponry

Liliania has a single coral Dagger that she has had carved the name 'Naberius Dranal' in Demonic on the blade.
Liliania also has 2 Vidian Steel Short Swords. One one a Red gem and the words "Espari Reigns Immortal" in Demonic. on the other a black gem and "Vidious King of Destruction" in Demonic.


Liliania had never met another Nimorian other than her parents till she turned 17. She has never been a part of Nimorian or Harpie society, though would not consider herself an outcast. Liliania has completely integrated herself into Fey-Sidious society, and has done well.


Lily has Accumulated a range of connections. First Marrying high into the Dark Church to Master Paladin and Member of the Covenant Kellac Morgenthau.
She was then, not long later adopted into the Dae Family completely, with the Help of The Mariner who altered her blood to be that of House Dae, Liliania is a Dae in her own right but will use the name sparingly.
Liliania has gained power with her own efforts too, becoming a Sargent on the Fey-Sidous Army, aswell as a High Priestess of what is now known as the Draconic Church, and a Grand Master of Diseases with the help of a private tutor.



One of Liliania's main feats is doing all this while raising children, 12 of them no less, 11 of which are Half-Demons.


Ildan and Viren

Melanie and Ocealis




Marious, Morven and Indra



Other Facts

Liliania has Red scales under her ears and down the side of her lower face, she has mangled demonic teeth and deep red eyes.
Liliania Biomantically removed her womb (with help ofcourse) to force her infertility. (Though she is still 'fertile' in technicality.)
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