URUTAU: List of Nations

The Earth Nations:

1: Quelas Home of The Queldi.
2: Larrasu Home of The Fey-Tir.
3: Korrigania Home of The Korrigan.
4: The Wild Kingdom Home of The Were-Urgo; the Champion Race of Earth.

The Fire Nations:

1: The Burning Sands Home of The Fykari.
2: Luustrokk Home of The Feygorn.
3: Khayeim Home of The Gornang; Champion Race of Fire.
4: Grun Home of The Ulcas.

The Air Nations:

1: Wrotentia Home of The Wrotan.
2: Menyel-Tiriona Home of The Fey-Sirona; Champion Race of Air.
3: Valorn Home of The Vespari.
4: Lyrzeria Home of The Dracosylph.
5: The Reaches Home of the Men of the Mountains loyal to the All-Father.

The Water Nations:

The Sealanes of Urutau, in detail, may be found through this link: Urutau Sealanes

1: The Kingdom of Water:
- 1a: The Fomori Islands Home of The Fomori; Champion Race of Water.
- 1b: Hrivemir Home of The Morigena; Champion Race of Water.
- 1c: The Nimorian Kingdom Home of The Nimorians.

2: Taris Home of The Feymori.
3: The Angmori Colonies Home of The Angmori.

The Void Nations:

1: E'toa A'ahn City of The Ethereal Lords.
2: The Dark Mountains Home of The Vampires.
3: The Savage Mountains Home of The Werewolves.
4: The Zarian Wastes Home of The Fey-Sidious and setting for 'Throne of Shadows'.
5: Poristacia Home of the Harpies.

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