Little Green

Little Green was the young Earth Dragon. she has now grown…


Since hatching, she has been a companion to the High King of the Queldi, and assisted Lorican in healing the land at great cost to herself when it was required. And since the disappearance of the King, the young dragon has been in the companion of his child and heir.

It is rumoured that the Druids or even the other magic users of the Earth can sense where the dragon is or see through her senses, if they take the time to bond with the dragon. Due to the remote nature of dragons and the lack of their presence amongst the Elemental Union, this ability is neither confirmed or denied.

During the recent 'Time of Dragon Magic' Little Green bonded with potential Queldi Queen Nia and underwent a growth spurt, turning into a young mature dragon.


On a trip with the other Dragons, and the Dragonbound, Kishi underwent a growth spurt, turning from a Young Adult dragon into a fully matured Adult Dragon.

Bound to:

Queen Nia of Quelas.

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