Little Mana was a small Silver Dragon, born of the Time of Dragon Magic, it is of Magic and capable of manipulating magical power, it is a point for debate if Mana is a neutral force or aligned to one of the factions….

In 915AoF, following a trip to… well, somewhere… Little Mana returned not so little anymore, and grew to the size of a Young Adult Dragon, capable of flight and greater in power. Oh! and answers to the name 'Mana', having dropped the prefix of 'Little…'; like the other dragons he fought at 'The Sum of All Things', following growth spurts deemed essential by forces of Fate.

The Age of Dragons:

Mana, now a Great Dragon remains bound to Baelvanna of the Fey-Tir, and has started to perhaps understand his role in the greater scheme of things. Perhaps highlighted following contact with the Grey Dragon, Lizroul, or finding time to pursue his own path in this time of peace?

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