Little Mana was a small Silver Dragon, born of the Time of Dragon Magic, it is of Magic and capable of manipulating magical power, it is a point for debate if Mana is a neutral force or aligned to one of the factions….

In 915AoF, following a trip to… well, somewhere… Little Mana returned not so little anymore, and grew to the size of a Young Adult Dragon, capable of flight and greater in power. Oh! and answers to the name 'Mana', having dropped the prefix of 'Little…'; like the other dragons he fought at 'The Sum of All Things', following growth spurts deemed essential by forces of Fate.

The Age of Dragons:

Mana, now a Great Dragon was bound to Baelvanna of the Fey-Tir, and had started to explore his role in the greater scheme of things.

Events accelerated after Baelvanna died in the Angmori Colonies, her soul consumed by another Grey Dragon, which Mana took justice upon by consuming the villain. Contact with the Grey Dragon, Lizroul and complicated issues with Qymrynat have focused the Dragon of Magic; the defection of many Black Dragons to Dovah-Gol, swearing loyalty to Mana have further accelerated what is becoming a pressing Dragon Issue.

Qymrynat himself raised the question, that upon the return of Lord Math, in what will be Dragon Form, there will be a need for a Dragon God; this burden rests on Mana, though the Grey Dragon has made it clear he plans to step up if Mana fails, and is the reason behind his eating of rivals Lizroul, and Strunovpaar; this suggests the Grey Dragons must claim a territory, and then an Element, and then the last Dragons fight to see who will be the 'Dovah Rah'. Actions following these revelations include Exile to a Larrasu Grey Dragon, and also exile for Great White, instigated by a smug Qymrynat.

In response to gaining Dragon Followers, Mana has started his own Dragon Cult, and adopted a true Dragon Name 'Golsillah', remembering his dear Baelvanna, and preparing for troubled timed when he must rise, while balancing both Agents of the Elemental Union and Agents of the Void. He is keeping his own agendas close to his chest, but also instigated pregnancies among the Dragons of the Elemental Union, who are all currently absent from Urutau…

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