Little Red

Little Red is the young dragon destined to be the messenger for the races of Fire, brought into Urutau from the elemental plane of Fire by a young Fykari girl, in recent times Little Red was abducted by the Fey-Sidious and used for experimentation that allowed for a lessening in the weakness of the Black Dragons before she escaped and had wounds tended by some Ulcas who happened across her.

In the recent 'Time of Dragon Magic', deep within the temple of the Ashgrove Seer, Little Red underwent a maturation process, suffering in pain but turning into a young mature dragon before she surfaced to take flight above the city of Vulgorn and as yet taken any action.

Red was sadly killed in battle with Great Black over the island of Golgotha in 912AoF, first bitten deeply by the dragon but killed when her unconscious body hit at velocity the island itself.

In spring of 915AoF, Red was reborn alongside the Moon Dragon, from the womb of the Were-Urgo Champion, Nipper.

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