Logan Jonah


Logan Jonah is a Feymori Male and the Age of 56. In the Age of elves he is considered very young and only just of age, this can be seen in his youthful feminine features.

Logan has short hair with is often dyed a wide range of colours, this has some practical reason though nobody seems to know it.

Logan often wears courtly clothing, which includes a long brown powdered wig and a blue tricorn with gold trim, he also often convers himself with as many jewels as possible, sometimes wearing too many rings that can bother him somewhat when they clack together. Logan is only even to be seen in commoners clothing when he is sailing, it is also noted that this is when he seems to be Happiest.


Logan has been known to Sport many titles. He is an Ambassador of the Angmori and Senior Lt. of the The Light Company, he is also unofficially the Captain of a recently salvaged ship and is rumored to be working towards nobility as well and a Grand Master.


Logan considers his mothers cottage as his one true home, despite having a house in Bleakwynd Tor in which he spends his winters.


Esmerelda Jonah

Logans beloved Mother, they had a strong relationship growing up though they had little to live off of, it has always been a dream of Logans to give his Mother the lavish life she has always deserved.

Miguel Jonah

Logans Father, a man who Logan can respect to a degree, he has been known to make questionable choices and has often been unfaithful to the family. He works in the Feymori Navy.

Fernando Jonah and Kylan Jonah

Logans two older brothers, both we're convicted as pirates when Logan was young. He has completely shut them out of his life, and doesn't consider them to be any part of the Jonah Family.

Amelia Jonah

A half-breed girl, she is Logan's little sister. Amelia shares a father with Logan and was concieved on the Fomori Isles, once born Amelias mother handed her to Miguel to care for in Taris, nobody knows why.

Known Allies

Rahi Ack Vanzaang

It is almost common knowledge now that Logan had an Infatuation for Rahi, now accepting that this could logically never grow it has Evolved into a Loyalty to Rahi, and a Desire to aid her where she needs it.

Amelia Jonah

Since Amelia joined to Light Company she and Logan have Rebonded, it is common knowledge that unless under specific circumstances (Amelias mental health for instance, or a great secret) that if you tell one of them something, the other will know of it.


An unlikely match but one held with high respect. Since Trucido's selflessness in saving Amelia, Logan has put his trust into the cultist and will listen to what he has to say, especially if the subject is morally grey.


Logan considers Ali a respectable man. Besides him being worthy in the Eyes of Helios himself, Ali has done much which Logan is grateful for.

Duke Rana Dae

Rana gave Logan his head start into political life and social standing. Despite the recent hiccup involving Amelia, the two seem to be getting along.


They feytir girl was grumpy at first, but she has opened herself up and has taken on others problems. Logan views her as a compassionate woman and a good friend of Amelias, though he suspects something more is going on between them, he approves of it.

Diane Dinglebridge

A short woman with a heart twice her size, one thing Logan has always loved about Diane is her willingness to help has always been stronger then her fear of mortality.


Nienna Dae

Known Enemies


The worst thing a Feymori can be is a Pirate and anyone branded as such is an enemy of Logans, he does not care for their 'Technicalities'.

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