As we know, from time to time, players will ask if they can loot an area, and this section is designed to cover all aspects of looting.


Upon asking the Trade Ref if they may loot, the players should then let the Trade Ref know if there is anyone in their party with the "Evaluate" skill, or any other skill relevant to spotting valuable goods. If there are members of the party who DO possess the skill who are participating in the looting, players will be told either "You look for items, but you find nothing of value" or "Upon looking for items you will find x, y, z" or "You find x amount of gold". Players may also find things that will also require further examination to discover their value.
If there are no members of the party who possess the "Evaluate" skill, players will be told of items they find, but they will not know how much they are worth (with the exception of finding money), so anything shiny picked up will have to be evaluated.
In either case, after looting, players will be given a list of the items they have looted, to be evaluated by someone who has the skill to do so.

Mifune and Ironstein have stumbled upon an abandoned building and decide to have a look around. Neither of them have the "Evaluate" skill. They inform the Trade Ref that they wish to loot the building. After some role play of looking through the items in the building, the Trade Ref informs them that they have found 5 golden crests, some jewellery and a few gemstones. The pair, happy with their loot, head back to their airship to show the rest of the crew what they have found. They show the loot to Divaar, who will inform the Trade Ref that he has Evaluate 4. The Trade Ref will then inform Divaar of the value of the items. After role playing the examination of the loot, Divaar can then inform his crew that the majority of the jewellery is next to worthless, aside from a ring, which would fetch between 5 and 10 gold at market, and only one of the gemstones is real, a small cut diamond worth 5 Golden Crests. Once players know what their loot is worth, it is up to them what they do with it.

Having someone with the "Evaluate" skill in a looting party will increase the chances of finding valuable goods, depending on their skill level.

When getting items evaluated, the skill level of the person doing the evaluating will be taken into account. Level 2 Evaluate will not determine the value of a very rare item and whilst the player will recognise it as valuable, it will need someone with a higher skill to determine the value.



Players find themselves in all sorts of potentially dangerous situations, where the reward is relative to the risk. Looting is no different. Players are reminded to be cautious when looting precious items, as they may be protected. That beautifully ornate box with lots of potential treasure inside may well be booby trapped. Trying to steal a troll's stash of gold will most certainly result in combat should he come back and catch you in the act. The Trade Ref will confer with the Plot Ref to determine potential dangers in the looting area. It's always best to scope an area for hidden dangers before looting. You have been warned!

Players should also be aware that trying to sell items without knowing the value, or trying to sell worthless items for a high value could either incur the wrath of whoever they are trying to sell to, or lead to the seller being duped into selling for less than the item is actually worth. This does not mean that players cannot try, they should just be aware of the consequences if they are caught out! (Players can refer to the rules for selling items to find out more about how selling works.)

After looting, if items are not evaluated, they will be deemed as worthless until such time as they are evaluated.

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