Lord Arios

Lord Arios is the main source of power for the Elemental children of Air. He is the patron of the mighty Church of Arios and blesses his warriors with the power to protect the weak and prevail against the mighty. Arios is a warrior and will often appear in the form depicted, at other times carrying with his mighty war hammer, armour and Tower shield, all legendary items blessed by Lord Helios himself. Both Lord Vidious and Lady Espari fear Arios and well they should!

Lord Arios is the rather aloof, proud and detached Lord of the Element of Air; He is not easy to approach or sympathetic to any requests put to him, favouring instead to see the Children of the Elemental Union working to solve their requests and problems for themselves.

To some extent this has served him poorly in allowing the decline of the Fey-Sirona and even losing favour with the Wrotan people, seen no less than in the rise of the Wrotan Empire and a more reinforced detachment from the world of Urutau over which he has no power to exercise.

This is without mentioning the apparent detachment form the world in general by the dwarven mystics of the Vespari or the Dracosylph who favour worship of the dragon, Great White.

The Church of Arios:

It is the most common institution among the Elemental Union and its main body is based in the Wrotan Republic. The church never turns away potential ‘brothers’ or ‘sisters’ that are the titles bestowed upon novices in the church. After a period of teaching has passed, players adjoined to the church may begin to learn this skill list, but the true power behind these prayers will only work so long as the player expresses and maintains a devout outlook as befits the church; deviation will lead to a failure in the players faith.

Level One: The Prayer of Insight: The Player may spend thirty minutes praying to Lord Arios for insight into a problem. This prayer acts exactly the same as the Elementary Magic spell of ‘Insight’, but the player need not cast any magic.

Level Two: The Prayer of Mercy: By praying to Lord Arios, this prayer works exactly the same as the martial arts skill of ‘Breathing’. It may be used over a target in need of mercy to stave off death.

Level Three: The Prayer of Healing: By the power of prayer, a player may heal a target that they pray over for an hour by +1 hits to all locations. Continuous prayer will heal more hits per additional hour, but it will not halt fatal wounds or the effects of such.

Level Four: The Prayer of Protection: Through the power of prayer, the player calls upon the protection of Lord Arios, who will use his power to transform those performing the prayer within a five metre radius of the church member intangible, equal to the natural ability possessed by the Fey-Sirona. This protection lasts as long as all so protected continue to pray. The one down side to this prayer is that the protected remain vulnerable to one thing, such as the intangible Fey-Sirona are vulnerable to one thing when intangible – Ethereal Lords!

Level Five: The Prayer of Divine Retribution: Through the power of their prayer and calling upon the power of Lord Arios, all servants of the Void will be driven back by the effects of the prayer as it weakens them when they hear it. Undead suffer +1 hits to all locations per one minute in the presence of the prayer, with many Undead unable to focus well enough to do anything but flee!

The Disciples of Lord Arios:

The disciples are always chosen from among the ranks of the Church of the Elemental Union, which is open to all races who have joined the church. Initiation is done through a Ritual of Invocation that has called upon Lord Arios and a sacrifice of twenty five experience points must be made to Lord Arios for the player to become a disciple and be able to learn this spell list, as per the normal rules.


The player must have reached level five in either the 'Priest' skill list or the 'Paladin' skill list, and they must of course, be a Magic User.

Level One: Sanctuary of Lord Arios: This spell, when cast, covers the caster in a protective cloud of mystical energy that may not be violated by mundane or standard mystical means. The protection lasts so long as danger exists in the casters location. If the protective cloud is still active once Lady Phoebe rises in the sky, or some advanced mystical means might break through the protection, then Lord Arios will transport the player to a safe place on the elemental plane of Air. Additional targets may be protected by the sanctuary at a cost of +1 Mana per +1 target, of which the only limit for the spell is the Mana available to the caster.

Level Two: Commune through Air: The caster may, through the 'airwaves' or the willing aid of Air Elementals, communicate with another member of 'The Disciples of Arios' for the duration of the spell.

Level Three: Blessing of Lord Arios: Cast upon a weapon, the spell enchants it with mystical lightning so that it does 'Enchanted' damage until the next time Lady Phoebe rises in the sky.

Level Four: Vanquish: This spell requires not only four Mana to perform, but it also requires the caster to spend five experience points, however the spell will remove one Void point from the target, providing the target is seeking redemption and forgiveness.

Level Five: Invoke Lord Arios: This is not a spell, but instead it is a ritual. The ritual takes ten minutes to perform and is roleplay dependent. But once complete, at Referee discretion, the power of Lord Arios will send assistance to the one invoking him.

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