Lord Arios

Lord Arios is the main source of power for the Elemental children of Air. He is the patron of the mighty Church of Arios and blesses his warriors with the power to protect the weak and prevail against the mighty. Arios is a warrior and will often appear in the form depicted, at other times carrying with his mighty war hammer, armour and Tower shield, all legendary items blessed by Lord Helios himself. Both Lord Vidious and Lady Espari fear Arios and well they should!

Lord Arios is the rather aloof, proud and detached Lord of the Element of Air; He is not easy to approach or sympathetic to any requests put to him, favouring instead to see the Children of the Elemental Union working to solve their requests and problems for themselves.

To some extent this has served him poorly in allowing the decline of the Fey-Sirona and even losing favour with the Wrotan people, seen no less than in the rise of the Wrotan Empire and a more reinforced detachment from the world of Urutau over which he has no power to exercise.

This is without mentioning the apparent detachment form the world in general by the dwarven mystics of the Vespari or the Dracosylph who favour worship of the dragon, Great White.

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