Lord Findias

Lord Findias was a notorious Morigena/ Fomori problem to the Elemental Union in the early years of the Age of Fire. Resurfacing in the year 151 to raid the Fomori City of Nor-Cavallel, taking slaves from the young and the women, but killing all the men and hanging them from the city walls to serve a reminder to the Elemental Union of what happens to traitors.

In the following year of 152AoF, Findias starts to recruit from among the Fykari of the Burning Sands, enslaving some yet gathering followers from other tribes of the west, while his appointed opponent, General Allesandro of the Wrotan Republic establishes himself in Wroth Gelrahan and petitions the eastern tribes of the Fykari to join his hunt for the Fomori War Lord.

The Morigena King hears of the troubles caused by Findias the Betrayer, and the Morigena Mercenary Army is formed, with alliances built with the Feymori to begin a hunt for Findias.

in the year 157AoF, Findias has a daughter born to his wife, the girl is called Dyrel.

In the year 158AoF, Findias raids Korrigania - with Allesandro still hunting the Fomori in the Burning Sands, and the independent Morigena hunting elsewhere, the Republic decides to raise another force to respond to the threat and to assist the Wrotan General, this force is led by General Benedictus.

In 159AoF as Benedictus leads his force through Quelas to pursue Findias, Findias is already retreating to the southern shores of Korrigania, where as he boards his ship and joins his small fleet, he encounters and has a small skirmish with the Morigena Mercenary Army. Many Korrigan who would have served as slaves are rescued, but Findias and his fleet escape. What happens in a surprise move of politicking, the success of the rescued slaves is accredited to Benedictus, who is placed in charge of the hunt for Findias over Allesandro.

In 160AoF Benedictus goes straight for the heart and sails his force into the Fomori Islands looking for Findias, believing the War Lord to be hiding in the islands there, protected politically by the Fomori who rejoined the Elemental Union and are probationary members of the Wrotan Republic. Eight years pass without conflict or word on the activities of Findias…

In 168AoF the forces clash and Findias defeats, and then kills Benedictus. Nothing more is heard from Findias for many years. Not until the year 180AoF when Findias returns to Nor-Cavallel to aid the Vampires, leading a host of Fomori, Fykari and Fey-Sidious. During the battle, Findias is severely wounded, and the battle seems lost - yet even as allied forces gather to press the advantage, Findias escapes!

Reports suggest Findias, an Ethereal Lord and a host of Fey-Sidious fled into the Dark Mountains, Dyrel, aged 23 and a Commander to her father is captured and taken to Wroth Cayeno. Nothing more is heard of from Lord Findias.

In 914 of the Age of Fire, it was revealed that Findias was not dead. That he had become a Demon Lord awaiting a time to return and reek his vengeance upon Urutau and the Elemental Union. What this will bring upon the world is yet to be truly gauged.

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