Lord Gorn

Lord Gorn is the rather passionate, approachable Lord of the Element of Fire; he loves Munchkin a game which in the world of Urutau contains the legendary 'Lord Gorn Wins' card, which is regarded as one of the more easier ways to summon the Lord of Fire, always keen to claim his victory in the game.

Normally when summoned he is keen to help out or take action on behalf of those who summon him, which has led to him being regarded with some contempt by his fellow Lords and Ladies; but in recent years he has been responsible for catastrophes happening in the Dark Mountains and the Savage Mountains.

Lord Gorn is also close to Helios and the two communicate often, through this link the Gornang are often gifted with secrets before any of the other races are told, to this end Gorn is an active participant in the fight against the void and an avid hater of Phoebe.

The Priesthood of Lord Gorn:

Access to this list is normally gained by going before Lord Gorn after he has been summoned by Ritual of Invocation, and offering Lord Gorn twenty five experience points in initiation. If accepted, the player may then learn the list as per the standard cost for learning a new skill/spell list.


The player must be Feygorn, as this Spell list is defined by being one practised among the higher echelons of the Feygorn Priesthood which rules the Feygorn nation.

Level One: Prayer to Lord Gorn: This is not a spell, but instead works exactly the same as the Priest and Paladin skill lists in that it requires the player to actively pray to Lord Gorn for the ability to work and if the player does not act reverently to Lord Gorn then the prayer will not work.

The prayer allows the user to slow the metabolism of one unmoving target so that any poisons, potions or adverse effects acting against the target can be slowed until such time as help arrives to neutralise the threat to the target; this prayer also affects a death count. The prayer and its effects last only so long as the user prays over the target, otherwise the effects the target is suffering continue along their course.

The prayer may be broken and then be restarted.

Level Two: Commune through Fire: This spell allows the caster to communicate with any other member of the Priesthood through the flames of a fire, providing the intended target of the spell is also near a fire. Communication is two way for the duration of the spell.

Other priesthood members with this ability may tap in and eavesdrop on the conversation.

Level Three: Blessing of Lord Gorn: When cast upon a weapon, this spell enchants it so that it will do 'Enchanted' damage, blessing it with Lord Gorn's holy fire. This flaming weapon will do enchanted damage up until Lady Phoebe next rises in the sky.

Level Four: Protection Prayer of Lord Gorn: This is a prayer that shrouds the caster within an intense wall of magical fire that protects the caster and may not be violated by agents of the Void. Mundane weapons touching the fire will melt instantly. The prayer lasts only as long as the user chants to Lord Gorn.

Level Five: Invoke Lord Gorn: This is not a spell, but instead it is a ritual. The ritual takes ten minutes to perform and is roleplay dependent. But once complete, at Referee discretion, the power of Lord Gorn will send assistance to the one invoking him.

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