Lord Math

Lord Math is the son of Lord Helios and Lady Phoebe as told in the Age of Creation. He became his mothers lover, and then through her designs seduced his sister, Lady Don and became the father of both the Lords and Ladies of the Elemental Union and the Lord and Lady of the Void.

Math is exiled into the outer plane of the Void, unable to manifest in the material worlds even for a short duration.

The Agents of the Void tried, and very nearly succeeded in opening a portal to allow him permanent access into the material world of Urutau during the Age of the Void. Had they been successful the world would have been changed forever, but through sacrifice and determination, this plan was foiled by members of the Elemental Union.

One of the key elements in fulfilling this plan to open a portal to Math requires the Ethereal Orb of Power. The other required items of power require an Orb of Power from each of the four elements of the Elemental Union… and sacrifice…

in the year 216 of the Age of Dragons, the three leaders of the different sects of the Fey-Sidious betrayed their Lord and Lady of the void in favour of Lord Math, helping to bring him through to Urutau in the form of the great black dragon. with the help of the demon Bond, the elemental union beat back Lord Math and killed him - Urutau is yet to find out whether this is for good or if Gods truly do stay dead.

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