Lord Morian

Lord Morian is the recently returned Lord of the Element of Water; What marks his as different to the other Lords and Ladies of the Elemental Union is the fact he was defeated by the actions of the children of the Elemental Union and discorporated into three obscure forms of power until such time as his power could be reunified.

He was defeated when the Fomori turned on the Morigena and joined the side of the Void, and as the surviving members of the Morigena fled into the Nimorian Kingdom, something happened which was not, or could not have been anticipated, which was Lord Morian being defeated and lost.

And so for the longest time, he was lost and Lady Yaleena left to continue as the sole force behind the power of Water. This became a crisis when the Void invaded the Elemental Plane of Water and released the Leviathan, which in fact turned out to be one of the three aspects of Lord Morian, which proceeded to lay waste the city of Aqualonia.

The crisis was turned into victory by heroes seeking to reunite the three aspects back into one, to bring Lord Morian back from exile and back into the machinations of Urutau.

Since his return, the Fomori have been seen very little, with the waterways of Urutau firmly under the control of the races of Water; but with no show of strength of displays of power rumour has begun of renewed Fomori activity and the Morigena feeling a weight of scrutiny or expectancy to reclaim their old lands back from the rulership of their rebellious kin.

On this matter, Lord Morian has remained silent.

The Followers of Lord Morian:

Players wishing to gain access to this spell list have a long arduous path to walk, and existing Followers do exist in game, but they are a rare breed indeed.

Acceptance is by invite only from existing members and the player must go through a Ritual of Invocation and be prepared to offer Lord Morian fifty experience points in return for access to the spell list, which may then be bought at the standard price for skills/spells.

Level One: Sanctuary of Water: The caster of this spell is embraced by water for protection against all mundane attacks and enchanted also. The caster is in no danger while within the sanctuary of Water and may breathe and act as normal, but they may not go outside of the Sanctuary. The spells lasts for as long as active danger remains in the vicinity of the caster. If the spell is still active by the time Lady Phoebe rises in the sky, or if danger threatens to break through the sanctuary, then the people within the sanctuary will be transported to the elemental plane of water, in a place of safety.

Additional people may be protected by this spell at a rate of +1 person per +1 point of Mana to a maximum of five people including the caster.

Level Two: Elemental Survival: This is not a spell, rather an ability that works as and when the player needs it. The player is able to survive underneath water as though they were on dry land, breathing water as though it was oxygen and their body will resist the pressures of the deep without ill effect.

Level Three: Commune through Water: This spell allows one follower to communicate with another through the element of water. Clear communication may take place for as long as the spell lasts.

Level Four: Elemental Destruction: The caster may call a tidal wave of mass destruction to hit a target area close to the caster, providing a source of water is available to work with the spell. The tidal wave covers an area equal to a small field about 50m in radius and may strike as far as the caster may see. Anyone within the wake of the tidal wave suffers 'Global Quad' Crushing damage and all structures within the area are destroyed.

Level Five: Invoke Lord Morian: This is not a spell, but instead it is a ritual. The ritual takes ten minutes to perform and is roleplay dependent. But once complete, at Referee discretion, the power of Lord Morian will send assistance to the one invoking him.

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