Lord Trystain De Vier L Honour

Lord Trystain de Vier L'Honour is the King's personal bodyguard, and champion of The Royal Guild of the Most Excellent Fellowship of Honourable Swashbucklers, considered by all of Taris as the finest swordsman that the Guild has ever produced.

His full titles are: Lord Trystain de Vier L'Honour, Defender of the King's Honour, Keeper of the Queen's Rosette, and Champion of the Royal Guild of the Most Excellent Fellowship of Honourable Swashbucklers.

The Queen's Rosette is a Magical Item that enables the chosen wearer, the ability to ignore the effects of the level five skill 'Today is the Day' of The Mercenary Guild of the Corsairs, the Diabolical Flotsam of the Waves.

Within the Royal Court of Taris, it is said, that Trystain does not allow the King to experience anything that his defender has not already tried out. Though while this may or may not be true, it is a known fact that Trystain has been involved with Duchess Narlin Thalassa of the Nimorian Kingdom. There is even suggestion that she bore him a child, though this is an unconfirmed rumour and that the brief relationship they shared some twenty years ago, ended in bitter hatred that Trsytain has chosen to rise above.

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