Lorican the Queldi first appeared as one of the members of the Morigena Light Company, accompanied by some friends, allies and even partner from Quelas. He built firm friendships with Titus Verine and others and proved himself to be a most capable warrior with a code of honour.

Events led the Morigena Light Company into Quelas, and fate drew Lorican into the affairs of his home nation, for it was revealed his was the blood of kings, returning to a troubled land in its time of need for unification as events in the Wrotan Republic took a turn for the worst and a new Wrotan government rose in the shape of the Wrotan Empire - Quelas was the first nation to be hit, as Imperial forces marched into the north, with Queldi rallying around Lorican in the south.

Lorican passed the trials, he was even bestowed ancestral lands and reclaimed the leadership of his tribe from the ill-fated 'Bodthvar the Undying', which brought him into contact with the demon,Yalirus. Securing his tribal status, Lorican helped defeat one demon child of Yalirus and cleansed Bodthvar of his curse, and in consequence was sought by Yalirus for compensation for her losses.

A night of passion bore fruit it seemed.

Lorican went on to win a few battles in the south of Quelas, and had the Queldi Thane's support and the authority of the Druids behind him, when mysteriously, as quick as he had risen he vanished. With his disappearance, the Queldi hope fractured and became dispirited, the Wrotan Empire overrun them and they have been this way since.

Some think he will return, some say he is gone forever and some search for him and have not returned.

In the year 914 of the Age of Fire, the answer was found on where and why Lorican vanished, the Queldi pathway to their Halls of Heroes had been left unguarded, so that the Queldi could not feast among their ancestors when they fell in battle. Finding his way somehow to the Blue Crystal Caves where the gateway stood, Lorican did what any King would for his people, and took it upon himself to stand as guardian so that his people could journey to those golden feasting halls, and drink of the Mead and tell the tales of their heroics.

Lorican is the link between the future, the present and the past, and he is sadly missed in these times of peril.

Note: The image used is done with the kind permission of the Bensted Family as a token of our respect and love for Mick, who sadly left us all in 2014. He remains in our hearts and memories, and the use of his image for Lorican is our way of honouring the Legend.

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