Ludus Gladiatorius

The exact origins of the Ludus Gladiatorius (or simply Ludus, or Ludi), lay in the origins of the Wrotan people as both a form of entertainment and a way of serving justice on condemned criminals, granting them a chance to fight for their freedom. Developing ideas surrounding the original concept, like many things expanded into something else altogether, as citizens of good standing – and riches – saw a course for profit and entertainment, and this gave rise to the Lanista and the concept of a Professional Gladiator.

Yet elsewhere, others witnessing the workings of a Ludus, put their own spin on the concept and took it from one extreme to another, giving rise to more barbaric blood sports, and slavery, and the centre for this was the Fomori Port and City of Nor-Cavallel, primed in its position for enslaving the Fykari, with business dealings with the Feygorn and rumours of Blood Magic and the Vampires.

Regardless, the concept extended into the greater world of Urutau in one form or another, and so like many of the racially specific skills they have origins within culture, yet are not general skills either, but no less intriguing and available for players willing to explore the world of the Gladiator.

The Ludus must be owned and paid for by a Lanista, with a Doktare in place to train a potential Champion of the Arena. The Ludus is required for any purchase of skills for a Gladiator or a Professional Gladiator, up to Level Three of those skill lists only, as buying level four or level five skills of their skill lists, requires an ‘Arena’ and ‘The Ritual of Blood and Sand’. All Combat skills may be purchased as normal. Any Ludus may be used as an Arena for the Ritual of Blood and Sand, but imposes a x2 Penalty of Bouts to have won (explained in the Ritual of Blood and Sand), but can only be used to buy a level four skill, buying level five requires an Arena.

Positions Within the Ludus Gladiatorius

The Lanista: Owner of the ludus and the Gladiators within.

The Doktare: Ususally working directly underneath the Lanista, training the Gladiators

The Gladiator: Enslaved souls, branded and looking for death or freedom in the Grand Areana.

The Professional Gladiator: Employees rather than slaves, these fighters are showmen and entertainers for the crowds.

The Magus Gladiatorius: Often an enslaved magic user, rare and in great demand.

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