One of the variety of Enchanted Diseases that may be caught in game.

Infection: Lycanthropy is caught from the bite of certain types of Werewolf mixing with the targets blood stream – Were-Urgo are Immune to the effects of this Enchanted Disease.


  • Stage 1: At the next Full Moon, the infected character will transform into a Werewolf permanently (this grants them an additional natural Five Hits to All Locations). While the moon is Full and in the Sky the character is stuck in wolf form and this is the only time the character may turn into the wolf naturally, as Lord Helios rises they will return to their normal form, naked and disorientated.
  • Stage 2: Whilst in Wolf form, they gain +5 to their Mundane Tracking Skill.
  • Stage 3: They gain a lesser form of Toughened Hide (All Mundane damage is halved) – Whilst in the wolf form only.
  • Stage 4: They gain a lesser form of Were-Urgo Regeneration (add Five Minutes on top of standard Were-Urgo healing times to Mundane and Enchanted Damage) – while in Wolf form only.
  • Stage 5: By spending a Void Point the character may take on the Wolf form for a number of minutes equal to their natural Hits per Location Statistic, but unlike the times of a Full Moon, the character is just a mindless killing machine in berserker frenzy.

Detection: Dietary changes and knowing there is a Lycanthrope about can suggest testing, but Disease Level Four is required to properly identify the disease, often with the use of Were-Urgo tears pressed against the skin of the victim.

Treatment: True Wolfs Bane grows in the remote mountains of the Zarian Wastes, however a weaker version (Wolf’s Bane) can be found in both the Dark Mountains and the Mountains of Valorn. Wolfs Bane placed into an Enchanted Alchemical Potion dulls the connection to Phoebe if forced into the bloodstream of a victim of Lycanthropy preventing the change from occurring the next night. True Wolfs Bane can sever the tie to phoebe permanently if administered correctly and heals the Enchanted Disease.

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