Lyzeria is the home nation of the Dracosylph, a vast icy plain that tests the stamina of any who travel or live there, not to forget its proximity to the Savage Mountains where the Werewolves live as deadly rivals to the Dracosylph.

The Messenger of the Lords and Ladies of the Elemental Union, Great White lives within the mountains and is the nominal leader of the Dracosylph people by virtue of being honoured by them as a living deity.

The Gap of Peril proves continuously to be a pivotal and strategic passageway between Lyzeria and the Wrotan Republic, so named because of its narrow passage where travellers must risk attacks from the Werewolves.


Map Legend:

1: Great White's Eyrie.
2: Clutch of House Kyryll.
3: Clutch of House Ytvyr.
4: Clutch of House Strychy.
5: Clutch of House Yssyyl.
6: Clutch of House Ryncryr.
7: Clutch of House Lyzynthys.
8: The Hunting Wood, Clutch of House Dyrycnyzyr.
9: Hrivemir.
10: The Gap of Peril.

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