Magic Basics

Chapter 1: The Foundations of Magic.

Gaining Access to Magic:

Magic is not available to all species on Urutau, let alone all characters. In order to learn the arts of the Manifesto of Magicka a character must become Magically Awakened, this can be done in one of two ways. During Character Creation, the character can select "Magic: Yes" as either their 'A' or 'B' Priority. The other option requires the character to role-play the acquisition of Magic through the blessing of one (or both) of their Lord and Lady, however, this requires the character to participate in a ritual and to spend 100 Experience Points to become Magically Awakened.


A character that chooses "Magic: Yes" as their 'A' or 'B' Priority during Character Creation has a base Mana Pool of 10 Mana, whereas a character that becomes Magically Awakened in-play has only a base pool of 1 Mana. Mana is what allows a Mage to cast spells, without Mana, a Mage is useless, but with it they are a potent ally. As a character casts a spell they will spend a number of Mana Points equal to the level of the spell they are casting, reducing their current Mana by that amount, however, this can be regained by imbibing a Mana Potion (which incurs the risk of addiction through use) or through rest (at a rate of 2 Mana per full hour of sleep).

In addition to regaining Mana, a character can temporarily increase their current Mana pool by imbibing a Potion of Sorcery. Additionally, they can permanently increase their base Mana Pool by spending experience at a rate of 10 Experience per point of Mana, with no limitation to the amount of additional Mana the character may purchase.

Casting Spells:

Casting a spell requires the character to complete a "Spell Call" or "Vocalisation". This is a short phrase that empowers the mage, triggered by the expenditure of an equal amount of Mana to the level of the chosen spell (a Level 1 Spell costs 1 Mana, whereas a Level 5 Spell costs 5 Mana). The Standard Spell Call used in Element RPG is as follows:

"By the Power of the Elemental Union and by the Focus of [Element*], I cast [Spell Name] at [Target's Name]."

*Where [Element] is the Element to which the character's Race is attuned (or, if using Elemental Combination from Chapter 3, the Element being manipulated).

Obviously, not all spells are cast at a specific target and, for those, you simply ignore the "at [Target's Name]" section. In addition, being Magically Awakened and having Mana does not mean the character actually knows any spells. The available spells are detailed in the following Chapters.

Interrupting Spells.

It is possible for another person to interrupt a Spell Call that is in the process of being made. If a Mage receives any form of damage or attack, is "muted" or otherwise has their concentration broken (i.e. through use of a Fear ability, e.t.c.) whilst casting a spell (has spent the required Mana for the spell, but has not yet completed the Vocalisation) is immediately interrupted. The spell call fails and the mana invested into it is lost.

Note: You are always required to spend your Mana at the start of your Spell Call, therefore, If you are interrupted whilst casting the spell (i.e. by suffering a damage call part way through the Vocalisation) you loose the Mana in the aborted cast. This is harsh but deliberate.

Countering Magic.

Spells that are in effect can be 'Dispelled' using the appropriate Elementary Magic spell (Dispell or Greater Dispell) and many spells can be 'Reflected' by use of the particular Fey Sirona ability (Reflect), however, magical countering will more often be the remit of Elemental Magic, specifically, Elemental Manipulation. Mages that take Level 3 in Elemental Magic have the spell Elemental Manipulation; this is an 'Enchanted' form of the ability, however, many of the Champion Races have access to a natural version of the ability.

If two Elemental Manipulators engage in magical combat whilst wielding the same Element through Elemental Manipulation, the character with the most potent form of the ability may use it to counter lower ability uses of Elemental Manipulation. So, 'Enchanted' beats 'Mundane', and 'Divine' beats 'Enchanted'. This allows the character to negate, deflect or reflect damage from the Manipulated Element as desired (under Referee supervision). This also allows a character with the Divine form of Natural Elemental Manipulation to negate, deflect or reflect all Elemental damage of their racial attunement, including the Elemental Attack Spells.

Tools of the Trade.

As with all arts and trades, there are specific items and implements used by Mages to enhance their ability in manipulating magic. Whilst these are not requirements of the magical arts, they are aides that can make a Mage more potent and powerful. The first and most obvious of these items is the Mage's Staff. Nearly every Mage will have one of these arcane items as, once appropriately bound, they greatly increase the store of Mana a Mage can manipulate.

The next item in the Mage's inventory is the Wand. These artifacts allow a Mage to focus more intently, consequently making it easier for a Mage to cast spells and reducing the duration of the Spell Call.

The Morigena Academy of Magic.

The only institution in Urutau that is dedicated to the Magic of the Elemental Union is the Morigena Academy of Magic, founded by the Purple Dracosylph, Skyrych Whytwyng on the grounds granted to him for that purpose by the King of Morigena.

Ostensibly its Dean, Skyrych was also an active member of the Morigena Light Company and left most of the day-to-day running to Assistant-Dean Merryweather. Following Skyrych's untimely death in AoF914, Merryweather was forced to step up and take responsibility for the running of the Academy and its future, though this is currently far from set as Skyrych had no heir and, on his death, the lands of the Academy technically return to the King's Estate in Morigena.

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