Magic Wands

1: The Making of a Magic Wand.
2: Cleansing a Magic Wand.
3: Binding a Magic Wand.
4: Using a Magic Wand.
5: Destruction of a Magic Wand.

The Making of a Magic Wand:

One does not have to be a magic user to be able to craft the base materials for a magic wand. Anyone with any Wood Working skill, or working with materials to be used, can craft a wand that has the potential to be a Magic Wand. Various materials have better qualities it has to be said, with wood being probably the best material to use. Though the guidelines should be skills to make the wand, and have the level five skill of Invocation.

A Magic Wand is not indestructable yet its destruction is not as catastrophic as the destruction of a Magic Staff.

Once the item is created, it is ready to be turned from a mundane item into a magically imbued one. This is done by entering into a meditative state by a Magic User, to turn it from an Invocation Item into a Magic Wand. The Magic User then transfers a permanent point of Mana during the spell: Meditation and Insight to make the wand magically active and ready for use.

Cleansing a Magic Wand:

To cleanse a Magic Wand, a Magic User must use Meditation and Insight and spend 1 Experience Point to cleanse it of any former claim, and then spend another 1 Experience Point to bind it to themselves (or for another to bind it). Until a Bound Wand is cleansed, it cannot serve another.

Binding a Magic Wand:

It takes just one Experience Point (or skill point at character creation) to have a Wand bound to the Magic User. This does not require a Ritual Circle, merely the focus of a Magic User using Meditation and Insight.

Using a Magic Wand:

A Magic Wand is a handy tool to a Magic User, as it shortens the invocation of any magic spell to that of Rudimentary Magic:

'I cast {name of spell}'.

Destruction of a Magic Wand:

Unlike the vulnerability of losing a Magic Staff, a Wand taken by the enemy, to be used as a focus against the owner can only handle so much Magic Energy through it before it breaks, as such, a Magic User can only be targeted for +1 Global Enchanted Through Damage to All Locations before the wand shatters, and is utterly destroyed, as though it was a level one Magic Staff:

A Level One Magic Staff cause One Point of Enchanted Through Damage to all locations, within a 5m Radius.

In other circumstances, there is no area effect damage caused if a Magic Wand is broken, it simply stops working and any investment is wasted.

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