Magus Gladiatorius

The Magus Gladiatorius is often an enslaved magic user, rare and in great demand, specified in the many ways of the arena. This list may only be learned by Magic Users who are willing to undergo the more hideous results of life in the arena.

Level One: Lesser Enchanted Scars: The scars that the character has are from the process of earning their place in the Ludus and through the healing of other Gladiators in the Ludus, and while the scars deform them and cannot be healed by any Enchanted or Mundane means, they do provide the character with +1 Hits to All Locations.

Level Two: Mana Enhancement: Through their time and association with the rituals of the life of the Gladiator and the Ludus, the character gains +2 Mana Points.

Level Three: Lesser Manipulate Wounds (Spell): The character may transfer wounds from a member of their Ludus with the casting of this spells, transferring up to Three Points of Damage from a member of the Ludus unto their own body. This spell only works between Ludus members and also includes the Ludus owner.

Level Four: Greater Enchanted Scars: Life in the Ludus has started to take its toll upon the character now they are something of a freak show to behold, to be despised or to be feared even by civilians who see the character – the character may call ‘Mass Mundane Fear’ once per day if they are feeling spiteful to horrified onlookers. But it is not all bad as the Enchanted Scarring provides them with a further +3 Hits to All Locations.

Level Five: Greater Manipulate Wounds (Spell): Range is touch. The character has mastered the bizarre and obscene art of this skill list and can now transfer all wounds from a member of their Ludus onto their own body, including injuries that may have maimed a fellow Ludus member so that a lost appendage may transfer between the caster and the target, and if the damage exceeds what the caster can take, they must of course act with full accountability of those effects, even if it results in character death.

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