Mana Fever

One of the variety of Enchanted Diseases that may be caught in game.

Infection: Extended use of Magic can cause a Magic User to develop Mana Fever, especially if combined with the use of extensive Mana Potions to build up more Mana than is the normal within the character (which can also lead to Potion Addiction).


  • Stage One: The First 48 Hours: Sweating - and the Mage is unable to naturally regenerate their Mana Pool.
  • Stage Two: The Second 48 Hour period: Continued infection leads to any use of Magic causing Global Wounds equal to the points of Mana being spent in the casting of Magic.
  • Stage Three: The third 48 Hour period: If the infection continues untreated, after a further 48 hours have passed, the ability to use Magic is lost until such time as the character is treated.

Detection: In the first instance, the character sweats as a visual indication. Enchanted Detection may suggest, though Disease level Four is required to confirm the prognosis.

Treatment: Enchanted Antidote, requiring the Alchemical Ingredient of Void Salts.

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