The Gornang are the Forge Masters, par excellence, when it comes to the secrets and creation of binding Enchanted Items and creating Manaluminumn, a metallic fusion of Mithril, Iron, Mana (or Magical Energy) and other secret ingredients that are essential in the creation of all magical items. Runestones and Sapphires play a pivotal part in the creation of items also, depending on the purpose of the item being created.

Creating items is a costly business and taxing to the Forge Master, so much so that it is a rare thing indeed for an item, deemed ‘Enchanted’ to be created for anything less then of vital importance, using methods secretly guarded by the Gornang. Rumours suggest the whole process incorporates methods only usable on the Elemental Plane of Fire.

At the games conception it was meant to be a pivotal factor that Enchanted Weaponry, Armour and other Items would be rarely used or appearing and when they do, it is for plot purposes only, the inclusion of such lists as included as a file attached to this page is to support ideas and to provide a framework within which future items can be conceived and items be priced.

It is possible for Mithril to be used in place of Manaluminumn, though it can be unstable unless the item is forged correctly and without fault, and it will have inherent limitations compared to the Manaluminumn.

As a final note, the Children of the Void do have resources for the creation of their own Enchanted Weaponry, this metal, of equal parity to Manaluminumn is known as Vidian Steel, identifiable by its dark and corrupt nature.

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