Manifesto of Dark Magic

The Manifesto Magicka Oscurros comprises all aspects of the 'Forbidden Arts'; the Magics that have their origins in the powers of The Void. It is rated in the same way as the Manifesto of Magicka, and appear in full on pages 85 - 121 of Element: Throne of Shadows.

Standard Magical Principles of the Void:

- Beginner Principles, also referred to as 'Lower Magic'
1: Elementary Void Magic: How the Void teaches its beginners.
2: Rudimentary Magic: Hedge Magic and Trickery.

- Contemporary Principles of Magic:
2: Void Elemental Magic: The Casting of Void Magic.
3: Biomantic Magic: Arcane Body-Warping.
4: Blood Magic: Arcane Manipulation of Blood.
5: Necromental Magic: Arcane Manipulation of Deathly Matter.

Higher Magic Principles:

6: Initiate of the Arcane: Understanding the Ways of the Arcane.
- 6a: Masking: Concealed Spell Casting.
- 6b: Tracing: Tracking Arcane Energies.
- 6c: Warding: Advanced Protections.
7: The Servants of Lady Espari: Followers of the Divine Lady of the Void.
8: Neuromancy Magic: Mental Manipulations of the Mind.
9: Arcane Invention: Spell Creation.
10: Soul Rendering: Destructive Magic of the Soul.

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