Marcellus is the son of Miluna and Trucido Stormslayer, one of two children made by Miluna after Trucido was captured and used to Miluna's designs. After a very brief time, a choice was presented to the Wrotan Slave to choose one of his children to take with him, and that Miluna would keep the other, after she ritually accelerated their growth and learning.

Trucido took his daughter, Irah and Marcellus remained with his mother.

Following her dark designs, Marcellus was then empowered by ritual magic and given the Full Blessings of Lord Vidious, making him unkillable but for location of his Soul Asylum. His first act was to take charge of the gathered forces of Miluna, which included Werewolves, Men of the Mountains and Virx'aan.

But first that needed to provoke and deal with the All-Father.

Marcellus captured some of the people of the Reaches, and then fought and slew his uncle. Threatening to slay the Men of the Mountains in the Reaches if they did not submit to his rule - before the slaughter could begin, or an answer be given, the resurrected All-Father led his people in an attack against his nephew, where Marcellus was defeated and allowed to retreat back to his mother…


For those who have witnessed Marcellus fight, he has skill but has been overconfident through his blessing; the All-Father defeated him once he knew fully what he was facing; you would expect Marcellus to learn from this, as will others.

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