Matthias, is a Queldi Lord Knight of seemingly good demeanour and in the past has been host to the Morigena Mercenary Army whom encamped upon his lands in 906 of the Age of Fire whilst they looked into and attempted to deal with the threat of the vampire, Kristoff and the possible links between the bandits there and the plague. Matthias had four sons and the respect of his tribe, little liking the vanity of the Pennath’s court and the politics within. He rallied behind Lorican and was witness to all four of his sons dying in battle alongside the new High King; Matthias survived the battle and his fate is currently unknown following the severe losses he suffered.


The Manor of Matthias:

1: The Town of Vorum.
2: The Village of Durnford.
3: The Village of Pitton.
4: The Village of Karos.
5: The Manor Hall.

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