Mavis Vermillion


Mavis Vermillion


Flower Child (Hiss Roc)




A cheerful elf, with shoulder-length brown hair usually adorned with a flower crown. She has brown eyes, and dresses in browns and greens, usually her feet are bare except for in cold weather. Almost always, her skin is coated with woad.


Hithdor, Larrasu.


Mavis has a simple history; she grew up in Hithdor, learning the art of wood-crafting from her father, and how to be a Len'Lignus, and do magic, from her mother. When she was young, she befriended a bear named Ursa and the two were inseparable for many years, until sadly Ursa passed away. Some many years later, Mavis' father turned Ursa's bones into her bone dagger which she carries, although doesn't know how to use it. She often got into a lot of trouble, frequently wandering off and playing numerous pranks until one day she recieved a calling from Lady Gaia, and decided to leave Hithdor, and go exploring Urutua…

Recent History

Befriended a Veniik, who gave her something…
Traveled to the Meadhall and made plenty of new friends!
Cast a spell wrong and ended up 42 feet tall…
Travelled to the plane of air with Alexander, Rana, Mifue and others only to watch as Lady Siriona was mercilessly torn apart…


Queen Nia
All the trees ever
Ursa (deceased)
Lasgallen (uncle)
Generally most people, unless stated otherwise.


Mavis' best skills lay in her wood-crafting and affinity for magic. She is also a Len'Lignus, so has much knowledge of the earth and its working. She has some basic healing skills in first aid and chirurgery, and wishes to learn more - as well as the magic of healing.
She currently has no weapon skills, as she has a strong distaste for violence. When confronted with aggression, she is most likely to respond by fleeing and hiding until the danger has passed…


She is very cheery and easily excitable, as well as quite mischievous. She is often playful, even when things are quite serious she will maintain her demeanor. She is rarely sad, or angry though it is not impossible for her to be so. But she prefers to remain happy, as negative feelings make her feel somewhat…weaker?

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