Menyel Tiriona

Menyel-Tiriona is the last of the flying cities of the Fey-Sirona, which in the year 911 of the Age of Fire was brought down and believed destroyed beyond repair over the northern mountains of Khayeim when the Fey-Sidious Dragon Riders entered the last day of the Khayeim conflict.

In the year 912 repair systems re-activated and through the sacrifice of their own lives, a small group of Fey-Sirona Shugenja were able to open a portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire, where the city was re-united with the Fey-Sirona and new projects used to complete the city systems and to strengthen the Fey-Sirona armies.

After the liberation of Wroth Gelrahan in the latter months of 912, the city return to Urutau and took up orbit over Wroth Gelrahan as at the start of 913, allies came together to discuss plans to retake Khayeim from the disputing forces of the Vampires and the Ethereal Lords.

Mechanics: Menyel-Tiriona Floating City.

In accordance with rules presented in the 'All at Sea' Document.

- Size: 06 (Special Size: Large City).
- Construction: 20,000.
- Armour: 05.
- Artillery: x48 Ballista, x12 Catapults.
- Crew: 50 Fey-Sirona, x100 Air Elementals.
- Cargo Capacity: 100, 000 Tons.
- Cost: Priceless.

Notes: Golden Claws situated on the city as well as Fey-Sirona Giant Owl Riders.

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