Midas Helar Dae

A Morigena noble, who served in the Light Company before his apparent death. He was rescued in 916AoF a much changed man who took on the role of leader of the True Fomori to avoid the Demon House of War falling under dominion of the House of Law. Midas is played by Billy Davies.


Midas Helar Dae.




Morigena / True Fomori.

Physical Description:

See picture——>


The County of Souwei-Lorsan in Hrivemir.

Political Affiliation:

Earl-Elect of the Port of Souwei-Lorsan in Hrivemir.

Known Associates:

To be confirmed.

Known Rivals:

To be confirmed.

Known Enemies:

Agents of the Void.

Known Skills:

Midas used to possess Natural Water Manipulation, his powers had changed upon his return from apparent death, and changed further still on his becoming a Half-breed Demon.

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