Miluna first appeared as a human woman (of the Men of the Mountains), and is the twin sister to 'The All-Father', both born of the human sacrifice 'Irah' as a surrogate mother to 'Lady Phoebe'. Of the two twins, it is Miluna who has always appeared to be the more… unpredictable, and passionate of the two. She possesses uncanny and powerful abilities to cast 'Blood Rituals'.

During the crisis known as 'The Sum of All Things', Miluna fought alongside her brother and 'The Elemental Union' against the destructive intentions of 'Lord Math'. However, since that time Miluna has been following her own agenda, and turned former alliances to enmities, including her relationship with her twin brother.

Miluna has almost single-handedly repurposed 'The Werewolves', who serve her loyally, as some of 'The Men of the Mountains' still also do, and gained other new allies when her Blood Magic could not make more of her own children.

It is clear she relished in the coming of 'Mars, the God of War', but translates his coming in a fashion different to her twin brother, but since the appearance of Mars, Miluna seems to have accelerated her own agendas and feels ready to reap war against any who would oppose her.

She has used her Blood Rituals to create a son of her own, fashioned by war to lead her armies; they made the Reaches their first target, and while this engagement started with victory - and the death of the All-Father, this moment changed the twins; the All-Father resurrected as a Man, and Miluna was changed into a form of a Giant Wolf - planned or not this fulfills one prophecy about the twins, but war has begun in the Savage Mountains…

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