Min Hiriath

Min-Hiriath is known as the Region of the Streams in the common tongue, it is home to nine regions where small Fey-Tir settlements exist, numbering as the most xenophobic of the Fey-Tir who have a passionate dislike for intruders or outsiders; the region is well named as it is divided into the nine settlements by the many small rivers that run throughout it. Min-Hiriath covers the southern region of Larrasu, surrounding Aung-Styr and bordering Korrigania and the region is governed by the Willow Family.

Regions of Min-Hiriath:

1: Greenwood.
2: Redwood.
3: Blackwood.
4: Greywood.
5: Whitewood.
6: Bluewood.
7: Goldwood.
8: Silverwood.
9: Copperwood.

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