Morigena Crown Guard

Once a Morigena has proved themselves in the ranks of the Myrmidon and they have shown to be of exceptional combat skill they may be recruited into or seek application into the legendary Crown Guard.

Original Concept: Billy Davies.

- Must be loyal to the Morigena Crown.
- Must have completed the ‘Myrmidon’ Skill List.

- Note: The Ruling King or Queen of the Morigena Crown may not possess this Skill List, if they happen to be a member of this elite group and ascend (for whatever reason might make such an event happen), the Skill List is then lost without any Experience Points cost being refunded. Membership of this group is limited as it ties a Character to the ruling Monarch, their protection and obeying the service as it stands and is expected.

Level One: Loyal to the Crown: The Character gains +1 Enchanted Resistance to Intimidation when they have sworn their fealty to the Morigena Crown and joined the ranks of the Crown Guard Recruits (service as a recruit normally lasts for three months, though exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances).

- Note: Should the Character be deemed unworthy of the Crown Guard at the end of the trial period as a recruit, they will lose all access, Skill Points and bonuses gained by investing in this skill list, such is the price of rejection or exile from the Crown Guard if they prove to be disloyal to the Crown.

Level Two: By My Oath I feel No Pain: The Character gains +1 Hits to All Locations and also gains Immunity from Mundane ‘Doubles’ once they have completed their initial terms of service as a recruit and are now fully inducted into the Crown Guard.

Level Three: By My Sword I Know No Fear: The Character may call 'No Effect' versus any ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’ Mind Effect used against them, so long as they are in possession of their sword, as so knighted for use within the Crown Guard.

- Note: It may be an alternative favoured weapon if the character does not use a sword.

Level Four: With the Crown I Stand: The Character gains +4 Hits to All Locations.

Level Five: Hail to the Crown: By drawing the weapon of their knighting, and if the action being taken is deemed in defence of the Crown by the appropriate Referee, the Crown Guards blade will strike doing ‘Enchanted’ Damage until otherwise told by the Referee.

- Note: The Crown Guard is an elite Knighthood loyal to the Morigena Crown, during the course of gaining this Skill List, reference to a Knighted Weapon is used, and that weapon may be considered to be a favoured weapon as per the prerequisites for Elemental Fighting.

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