Munchkin Race

Becoming a Munchkin is a Curse placed onto a character by Lord Gorn. You must then follow the subsequent rules until such time as the curse if lifted…

Curse Effects:

Lose all Racial Advantages and Disadvantages, including access to Racial Skills.

Playing as a Munchkin:

Appearance: The character still looks the same, but with a non-descript fuzziness about them, they simply appear no different, and yet different. They are also considered to be a Level One Munchkin.

1: Draw Cards: At the start of an event, the character must draw four cards from the Munchkin Deck (2 standard and 2 Treasure), as though starting an actual game of Munchkin, and if applicable, the character gains those effects for that event.

Use of cards requires Head Referee mediation.

2: Levelling Up: Requires defeating a Monster, and must be recorded with the Referee Team, each monster killed levels up the Munchkin by one level (unless there are certain monsters who count as higher) but a Munchkin may only gain one level per encounter, killing multiple monsters in the same encounter does not count as multiple deaths for levelling up.

3: Breaking the Curse: Once the character has reached level ten, they may Summon Lord Gorn and attempt to break the curse, how this plays out is done in Game with no set parameters.

have you learned your lesson?

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