Nancy and Her Crew

Captain Nancy (Nancy the Tavern Wench)

Nancy was once a simple Tavern Wench, scouting the lands, using her looks to her advantage. When she moved back to talaquesta she quickly met and fell for Barry (known to some as Big Bad Barry) Barry didn't mind about Nancy's manipulative ways toward other men, they both saw it as a weapon. Nancy and Barry soon became betrothed, they were to Marry after Barry's quest to find Telelle's hidden treasure with aid of Morzan and Etar. When they returned, successfully finding the items Barry invited them back on his ship, The Tempest. It was there the traitor Morzan killed Barry, in pure greed in attempt to take the tempest quickly getting slaughtered by the crew, or so they thought. After a few weeks, waiting for Barry to return Nancy was approached by telelle, who had found The Tempest, now with no captain. He told Nancy what had happened, that Morzan was still alive, and felt it was time to give Nancy her rightful place as Captain of The Tempest.

The Tempest
A small ship of 20 crew members plus The Captain, Nancy. The Tempest itself has reputation, the decks still stained with Morzans and Etars blood. It has caused many disputes amongst the greedy dragon wing crew.

The Crew
Nancy's Crew are known to be a ruthless bunch, some of them, still remember the smell of blood pouring from the traitors before the dragon came to take them. Many have adopted nicknames to joke about the dragon wing. Morzana, a female Feymori named herself after Morzan, she too is a bosun and laughs as she copies him in sticking in the shadows on the higher ranks, occasionally complaining about pains in her arms and legs. A Dandy Man named himself Etar and his Boyfriend, also on the Ship named himself Arty, they joke and flirt, occasionally Etar will limp and Arty will imitate cat noises as she follows him.
Their humour know no bounds and as nasty as the crew can be, it is only to those who deserve it.

Known Enemies
Morzan - After murdering Barry, Nancy will never forgive Morzan, and wants him in her grasp, to punish him, her own way.

Artimus - At the brethren court, the Prince attacked Nancy, she later discovered he was poisoned, most likely by Artimus. She is also weary of the feytir who was with he, disappearing at the same time.

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