Narwen Darkfire
Was previously Narwen Firestar but then stealth marriage happened…


The awkward Feygorn

Demon Child (by her family and many feygorn within South-Western Luustrokk)

Fiery Bitch (by Skylar)



Physical Description

She dresses commonly in either black or red or black, red and yellow. She is usually always armed. She has the typical characteristics of a feygorn; red skin and elf ears as well as yellow eyes, and short red hair.


North-Western Luustrokk


When giving birth to her, Narwen's mother tragically died. This left her father and five of her seven brothers very bitter towards the newborn, and as a result she grew up in a very secluded lifestyle. She was never allowed to play with any of her brothers, or any children at all and because of this was a very quiet and subdued girl. The exception to this is the youngest of her older brothers, who taught her some basic skills.
As she grew older, her father tried to have her be a part of Feygorn Preisthood as a Priestess. But she didn't want that, she wanted to explore Urutau. So defying her entire family, she taught herself how to use a sword and how to use magic and write scrolls so that she could adventure the lands outside of Luustrokk instead. She had no wish to defy the Priesthood, but simply did not wish to be a direct part of it.
One day, whilst attempting some sort of ritual circle, she misread the instructions and was somehow possessed by the Fate Weaver who forced her to burn her entire family alive. Her father, her seven brothers, and their fykari slaves. No-one was left alive. Because of this, she was forced to flee her homelands.
As it turns out, this part of her history she had fabricated. That day came about by her stumbling across a mysterious old museum with a lamp in it, upon which she had accidentally brushed. This lead to the Fate Weaver whispering to her on that fateful day, and she let him do it…
After fleeing Luustrokk she lived on the streets but she was saved by that lifestyle in Souwei-Lorsan (Morigena Kingdom) by Etar and ended up living with him for a while. At first, it was rather awkward between the two due to the fact that Narwen had literally no idea how to socialize with him. But after a while she was able to get used it and he became her first proper friend!
After that she returned to North-Western Luustrokk, she was captured by the authorities who believed she was a heretic. She pleaded otherwise, but no-one would listen. She spend time in a prison cell being tortured for information,leading to several scars on her back and arms. She eventually gave up, but Muldrow decided to hear her side before condemning her, and thus she was pardoned by him and they became friends. She lived with him in Luustrokk whilst recovering from injuries.
She then left Luustrokk again and traveled some more. One day she met a feygorn (actually a feydren) called Vamir and they became friends and she agreed to help with his 'business' in the Dark Mountains. Once there, he tried to use her as a blood sacrifice to summon some sort of demon, this lead to a fight in which Narwen was left with a deep scar from her left collar bone to right hip. She believes she's killed him but fled before confirming this.
After recovering, she caught up to Muldrow and Etar, her best buddies.

Recent History

Helped out with recent events at camp with the light company and made some new friends.

Has somewhat come out of her shell and is less socially-awkward…but still an extremely awkward person.

Stealth marriage to Muldrow.

Found out that it was Fate Weaver that killed her family and declared him her enemy.

Found a sword on the fae linear.

Helped rescue a nimorian child and assumed care of her for a period of time.

Helped save Astor's child from the Fate Weaver.

The Jester leading to complications with her relationship with Muldrow.

Lady Vulcas has taken an interest in her.

She went into hiding after discovering she was pregnant.

Did some research in Menyel-Tiriona.

Muldrow died, and she recieved a wooden box from Mr Socha.

She said her parting words to Muldrow…

Helped out with stuff during the Blood Moon at the Castle of the Elemental Union

Learnt more about the Fate Weaver, but also that she could be responsible for his release unto the world…

Inherited Muldrow's curses from the Unseelie fae…and may or may not have used one…imeanwhut

Joined the Church of the Elemental Union under the guidance of Tobias.

Lead a charge against the Fate Weaver in the cave of wonders, and her and her team were able to get rid of him and save Crimson.

Took part in a ritual to cleanse Luustrokk of the void corruption that had taken root. She sacrifice her life, but in doing so, ascended to become the avatar of Lady Vulcas and was also blessed by her. This ritual also allowed the chaos dragon, Uldrumm, to be born.

Spoke to the newly cleansed Luustrokk, and rallied them behind her.

Gave birth to Muldrow Darkfire II, or as she prefers to call him Dromal'rak V'nal Darkfire (the feygorn version of his name).

Was present at Golgotha when the morigena and the fomori where reunited.

Tried to help Pliskin with his sword issue, but died then undied. Again…

Political Affiliation

Tis but a secret.


Etar, who she nicknames 'Princess Peach'

Muldrow, who she nicknames 'Mully'

Morzan (to some extent), who she nicknames 'Marzipan'

Haiden, who she nicknames 'Tin-Man'

A fykari doctor whose name she can't remember, she just refers to him as 'Doctor Horror'







Hiss Roc


Pliskin who she nicknames 'Foreskin'






Milo also known as 'Filthy Peasant' by herself and Muldrow.


The Fate Weaver

The Jester

Agents of the Void.


She can use and create magic scrolls and runes, and is also reasonably proficient with magic and can handle a sword.
She can, to some extent, detect lies and lie to others successfully.
She is a beginner in the arts of stealth, thievery and rogue.
She can speak and read and write both feygorn and common.
She also comes up with some very, er, creative nicknames…

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